Project management

Project management is a set of measures aimed at the implementation of all stages of the construction of an object, including pre-design and design work, given the restrictions and requirements for quality, cost and timing. Project management includes in whole or in part the following types of work:

  • development of a project implementation strategy;
  • creation of a project team, governing bodies and project offices;
  • performance of the functions of Engineer, Customer and Designer;
  • full project planning (taking into account timelines, resources and cost);
  • organization and holding of tenders, search for suppliers and contractors, planning and control of contracts;
  • analysis and control of the progress and cost of the project;
  • definition, analysis and risk management;
  • error analysis;
  • quality control;
  • change control;
  • organization of monitoring of the progress of the project and preparation of full reports for the customer, lender and other stakeholders of the project;
  • document management;
  • support of the project information base and project management system.

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