Validation of costs and cost estimates

The verification of the validity of project costs includes the following types of work:

  • a comparative analysis of the costs incurred and the planned indicators of project costs with the allocation of costs reasonably related to the project;
  • analysis of capital costs and construction costs for validity, indicating the structure and cost items;
  • verification of the primary documents provided by the borrower, including accounting data, acts of work performed;
  • analysis of the progress of work on the conformity of their design and estimate documentation to the actual volume and scope of work;
  • analysis of the development of funds for the project (including construction), including the cumulative result;
  • analysis of the compliance of the volumes of actually produced financing with the volume of work performed;
  • analysis of the structure of project financing by sources of financing;
  • analysis of the influence of deviations (in terms of cost and actually performed work) on the further implementation of the project.

The verification of estimated calculations includes the following types of work:

  • checking compliance with the estimated documentation of MDS 81-35.2004 “Methodology for determining the cost of construction products in the territory of the Russian Federation” and other regulatory documents in the course of construction, installation and commissioning, formation of contract prices and settlements for work performed;
  • the correct application of the regulatory framework for pricing, the application of norms and prices for sections of project documentation, the conformity of the volumes and types of work of project documentation, the application of coefficients and conversion indices at current prices for the construction period, their compliance with the terms of the Contract;
  • verification of acts of acceptance of completed work of form KS-2, a certificate of the cost of work performed by form KS-3, the conformity of sections and types of work to the section and type of work in local estimates, the volume of work performed;
  • verification of the reliability of the cost of materials used in the construction of the facility, their compliance with the average market indicators during the construction period, the availability of documents confirming the cost of materials (price lists, prices of the Supplier, calculation of correction factors and their correct application);
  • estimation and cost of volumes of construction in progress;
  • elimination of inconsistencies identified during the examination (analysis), the introduction of appropriate changes to local estimates, a summary estimate (at the request of the Customer);
  • recommendations on the content and composition of the estimate documentation, advice on pricing, forms of calculation of acceptance of work performed.

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