Financial and technical expertise

As a part of the preliminary financial and technical examination of projects in the interests of banks / investors, the following types of work are carried out:

  • analysis of the availability of own funds and assets for the implementation of the project;
  • analysis of the proposed documentation on the investment object;
  • analysis of the proposed technological solutions - the validity of technological solutions
  • the presence of the development potential of the selected technology, the technical feasibility of the project
  • analysis of compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation in the framework of the project;
  • marketing analysis - markets for products, raw materials markets, logistics solutions;
  • analysis of the reasonableness of the budget and the timing of the project.

The experience of “VEB Engineering” Ltd employees in conducting a preliminary examination allows us to identify the main risks and formulate proposals for optimizing the project at the initial stage of the project review.

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