Industry and Technical project expertise

Geology and Subsoil Use

  • Digital modeling of the geological structure of mineral deposits;
  • Digital modeling of geotechnical objects for complex mining and geological conditions of construction and operation:
  • - Careers / opencasts, mines, mines / shaft shafts, underground structures and tunnels;
    - Structural elements of hydraulic structures and bridges.
  • Integrated modeling of geomechanical processes;
  • Technologies of open, underground and combined mining methods;
  • Comprehensive technological audit of subsoil use facilities;
  • Technologies for the extraction, extraction and processing of mining, mining, chemical, ore and non-metallic (mining and construction) mineral resources, placer / primary deposits of rare metals.

Petrochemical industry, oil and gas sector;
(production and transportation of hydrocarbons), chemistry

  • Technologies for basic organic synthesis;
  • Modeling / designing the production cycle of the enterprise, technological processes for processing the initial hydrocarbon feedstock and the production of chemical / petrochemical products;
  • Optimization of engineering solutions;
  • Comprehensive examination / technological substantiation of construction options for chemical / petrochemical production;
  • Digital modeling / design of facilities representing elements of the energy technology infrastructure of the production cycle of enterprises, necessary to ensure the basic technological processes;
  • Chemical technologies for producing high molecular weight compounds (polymers);
  • Chemical technologies for the deep processing of vegetable oils (oleochemistry).

Metallurgical industry and machine building

  • Modeling / designing reconstruction (technical re-equipment) of the main technological cycle of metallurgical enterprises (ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy);
  • Industrial chemical technologies for deep processing of mineral resources of rare metals and increase the efficiency of metallothermal processes for their extraction;
  • Technologies for utilization of secondary gases of metallurgical production;
  • Chemical, hydrometallurgical, metallothermal technologies for recycling and associated extraction of rare metals;
  • Additive technology.

Power engineering, industrial electrical engineering

  • Modeling / designing the construction or reconstruction of fossil-fired thermal power plants;
  • Technologies for the production of high-tech products of power engineering;
  • Modeling / designing of power equipment in the segment of boiler building (steam generators with a ring furnace) for the efficient burning of brown and hard coal for TPPs with a capacity of 300 - 1200 MW with high operational performance in thermal performance and optimal architectural and technological solutions for the operation of power plants in seismic areas;
  • Modeling / designing of power equipment for thermal utilization of solid household waste;
  • Modeling / designing boiler equipment for integrated energy facilities of own generation of oil refining and petrochemical enterprises, enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;
  • Modeling / designing of boiler equipment as a part of mobile steam generating complexes used for pumping supercritical process steam into deep wells during directional drilling of oil reservoirs in order to increase the well recovery rate used for viscous oil grades;
  • Modeling / design work on the creation / reconstruction (modernization) of boiler equipment operating on low-grade fossil fuels - lignite, high ash coal, lignite, anthracite;
  • Technologies for the production of electric energy on renewable sources (RES);
  • Technologies for the accumulation, transformation and distribution of electrical energy.


The specialists of the agro-industrial “VEB Engineering” Ltd complex have experience in implementing and supporting projects in the following agricultural sectors:

  -dairy and beef cattle breeding;

  - pig breeding;

  - poultry farming;

  - crop production of open and closed ground.

Projects are supported through a preliminary audit and subsequent financial and technical supervision of the enterprise.

Financial and technical supervision is a set of services aimed at monitoring the targeted use of the Customer’s (Investor) funds during the implementation of the Investment Project, as well as providing control over the implementation of work in accordance with the requirements of regulatory legal acts is a mandatory requirement throughout return of funds of “Vnesheconombank” Group of Companies.

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the Supervised Projects, the APK group specialists developed an IT solution that allows online monitoring of financial flows, operational performance indicators in all phases of the project. This promising solution can significantly reduce the share of the cost of using labor remuneration for shareholders and supervisory companies, and will also increase the productivity of projects. Services offered by “VEB Engineering” Ltd:

  • pre-design works;
  • preparation of a feasibility study;
  • services in selecting a co-investor of the Project;
  • supervision of the construction process;
  • selection and organization of supply of equipment and mechanisms for the plant;
  • organization of supply of consumables for production;
  • training local staff to work independently at the factory;
  • conducting marketing research;
  • installation of specialized industry accounting programs;
  • Project support and ensuring access to design indicators.

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