Environmental consulting

1. Environmental consulting

Methodological support

  • Development of a methodology and procedures for conducting a socio-environmental assessment of an organization’s activities in order to confirm compliance with the principles of sustainable development based on world best practices:
    - the financial initiative of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP FI);
    - Equator principles;
    - UN Responsible Investment Principles (UN PRI).
  • Assessment of the environmental management system and development of recommendations to improve the efficiency of its functioning
  • Industry supervision of the implementation of investment projects. It is produced for industries with high environmental and social risks:
    - development of transport and communal infrastructure;
    - industry, including high-tech;
    - agriculture;
    - timber processing complex;
    - mining.
  • Support of industry investment projects:
    - development of the industry of environmental protection and the best available technologies (BAT);
    - development of environmental protection communal infrastructure: waste management and waste sorting, resource extraction from waste (“second geology”), water treatment and sanitation;
    - support of projects with high environmental and social risks located in valuable natural territories (protected areas, Baikal natural territory, Arctic, etc.);
    - land restoration and revitalization of territories, including former industrial sites.

Development of documentation for projects

  • Environmental planning and assessment of their effectiveness
  • Recommendations on measures aimed at improving the efficiency of use of material and energy resources, including secondary resources
  • Determination of rationality of nature management in a specific territory
  • Environmental safety assessment of raw materials, equipment, technologies used
  • Assessment of economic damage from environmental pollution
  • Assessment of energy consumption and development of recommendations for its reduction
  • Assessment of environmental and social risks and development of measures to reduce them
  • Best available technology assessment
  • Thematic sections of the business plan and financial and economic model

2. Environmental review (assessment) of the investment project

  • Environmental screening of investment documentation at the stage of preliminary examination
  • Comprehensive environmental review (assessment) of the investment project
During the examination, compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation of the following main factors is assessed:
  • As part of the design expertise in construction:
    - analysis of pre-design studies;
    - analysis of impact assessment (EIA, ESIA) and public hearings;
    - audit of the best available technologies (BAT);
    - assessment of land management and permits;
    - analysis of engineering surveys, including environmental;
    -analysis of project documentation: for compliance with environmental protection requirements and sanitary and epidemiological welfare;
    - assessment of the adequacy of examinations and approvals.
  • Industry environmental and social assessment of investment projects:
    - analysis of the investment project for the identification and categorization of risks: environmental, land, permissive, social;
    -“translation” of industry issues into the language of the user (financier);
    - recommendations to the investor on optimizing the investment project.

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