Studying the possibilities and perspectives of the construction, commissioning and capitalization of the Kaluga cement plant (Kaluga region)


The cement plant was designed according to the dry production method with the installation of a production line with a capacity of 8,500 tons of clinker per day plus a similar line for the 2nd construction phase, equipped with a 5.5 x 86m rotary kiln, cyclone heat exchangers and a decarbonizer. By the production capacity this project is the largest cement plant in the Russian Federation. The location of the cement plant supposed to be 1.5 km west of the Maklaki village of the Kaluga region.

The construction of a cement plant includes the construction of a quarry, auxiliary production facilities, access roads (road and railway) and utilities (110 kV overhead lines, gas pipelines, technical and drinking water pipelines, treatment facilities for storm and domestic wastewater).

The equipment has a high degree of production processes automation. The whole production process of raw materials and finished products is under constant control of automation systems. All elements of the production line such as crushers, conveyors, mills, furnaces, electric drives, fans, burners have several levels of control including local manual control, automatic program mode and remote control through a local console or a remote workstation. All especially important processes, especially processes associated with high-temperature heating, are additionally controlled by a video monitoring system, pyro cameras, and strain gauges. Constant monitoring of the mixture composition by an automated system is also executed, making a full automation of the dispensing additives mechanism possible. The whole process is automated and reduces the risk of the human factor to the minimum.

Whole production processes from a raw mill to finished products package is automated. In fact, unmanned cement production technology is used with process being controlled from a single control center. Manual labor is used for repair and maintenance of equipment.

Product export will be realized by railways and road.

Cement plant productivity: first stage of construction is 3,544,523 thousand tons per year, two phases of construction is 7,089.046 thousand tons per year.

Number of employees: the first stage is 332 people, the second stage with an addition of 108 people, the number of employees for both phases is 440 people, including 277 production workers.

During the project “VEB Engineering” Ltd assesses and studies the opportunities and perspectives based on the analysis of the premises underlying the project’s business plan, including the assessment of the technical and technological solutions of the project.


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